Townhouses... The next big thing

09 May 2016

In the past 6 months the team at Hot Property Buyers Agency has seen a shift in demand from buyers looking to purchase within the Brisbane Property market. This change has seen a drop in demand for units and apartments, and an increased demand for Townhouses.

Investors that are looking for a low maintenance investment opportunity, close to the CBD are finding that the Unit and Apartment market just doesn’t have the appeal is once had, and they are looking for the next opportunity.

This is where townhouses come into the equation; they are often in good locations close to transport and amenity, and offer investors a stronger portion of land content and a larger asset, giving them more value for their dollar.

Townhouses also attract a wider tenant demographic which is ideal for investors who want to hedge their bets, In the Brisbane market we are see Down graders from the baby boomers generation looking to sell the large family home, and either buy, or rent, well located townhouses that offer a lower maintenance lifestyle, but don’t sacrifice the space they need.

Then on the other end of the spectrum we see younger generations who are seeking a low maintenance property to allow for their increasingly business lifestyle.

Property experts also look at Townhouses as a strong long term capital growth opportunity, but investors are warned, not all Townhouses are created equally. Investors need to really investigate 3 key factors of the property before taking the plunge;

Firstly Location; if you’re considering a town house outside of 10-12km Radius of the Brisbane CBD you need to think twice, Townhouses are an inner city and middle ring suburb type property, the further you travel from the CBD the more the demographics shift to wanting houses with yards.

Secondly level of finish; Too many investors purchase poorly built Town houses don’t be afraid to invest in Quality, I have seen time and time again Quality Fixtures and finishes will attract a premium tenant and offer solid capital growth potential.

And Lastly Size; Townhouses offer occupants a middle ground between a house and an apartment so size is vital, Kitchens and Bathrooms need to offer more size than apartments to provide a point of difference, but also have a low maintenance courtyard area which offers a step down from a house with a large backyard.

The team at Hot Property Buyers Agency, have helped dozens of investors search and purchase the ideal Townhouse for their investment portfolio, contact Zoran Solano today to discuss your next property purchase here in the Brisbane market, and see if a townhouse is right for you.

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