Our client just made $50,000 in 2 months!

14 Nov 2016

Another Great Purchase

Just over two months ago Zoran Solano assisted one of our clients to purchase a 3 bed 1 bath 70’s Style property on Brisbane’s inner north. The property was discovered off market, it offered great investment opportunity and it had a tenant in place paying a fair rental. But the positives just kept coming, it’s an oversized block great for families, it has future value adding opportunity but was still rentable as is and it was well within his client’s budget.

After undertaking a personal inspection of the property Zoran immediately recommended the property for purchase, the deal went through without a hitch and the client was happy.

Then 2 months on, Zoran spotted another sale had occurred in the area, he looked and realized it was only 2 streets away from the one he had just purchased for his clients. It was also a 3 bed 1 bath 2 car property. But this one was in absolute original condition, peeling paint, crazy coloured carpet, no outdoor entertaining area it needed A LOT of work.

But here is the best part, that inferior property that I just mentioned ended up selling for tens of thousands of dollars more than the price we paid for our clients’ property and supported the fact our clients’ property had just made around $50,000 in equity in just 2 months.

How is this possible you ask? ……. Property Selection, and Negotiation!

By using our networks of Selling Agents and Private sellers Zoran was able to identify an off market property that matched our clients investment goals and passed our in-depth investigation, and negotiate a great deal.

Congratulations to our client and to Zoran Solano for a great purchase.

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