The Simpsons Predicted This

10 Nov 2016

And Barbra Streizand wants out!

We should have seen this coming

I mean the Simpsons predicted Trump would win back in 2000, and now that this prediction has come true, Donald Trump’s victory has stirred Americans into a frenzy, looking up Immigration websites including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Even Barbra Steizand has said she’d move to the land down under when recently speaking with an Aussie Journo.

But in all seriousness, how this election result will affect the Australian property market will be interesting to watch. If we look at the current state of the US Stock market and the Dollar following the election things appear to be positive with the markets maintaining a steady direction in general.

But economists are cautious about an uncertain stock market moving forward once Donald takes office early next year and begins rolling out some of the policies he has been discussing throughout his campaign.

Any negative impact to the Australian property market in my opinion will be negligible unless we see a major world event disrupt economies around the globe, in fact we might see a spike in FIRB buyers if the increased Immigration enquiry is anything to go by.

But investors need to always be considering not just how their properties perform in the good markets, but also how they react to disruption aswell. A great example of this is the mining slow down, investors who purchased in one horse towns like Gladstone or Moranbah are now feeling the pain of the economic slowdown in the region. However, investors who purchased in major capital cities like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Blue chip real estate with constant demand and employment haven’t been affected by this economic disruption. The underlying point I am making is this, when purchasing your next investment property you need to ensure that it has the opportunity to perform well not just in good times, but also in times of uncertainty.

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