Have you met my friend Arnold?

21 Dec 2016

Body Builder, Actor, Politician & Property Investor

When people think Arnold Schwarzenegger, they think Bodybuilder, Actor, and Politician but you should also think Property Investor.

That’s right, Arnold actually made is first million from real estate and not in movies. Schwarzenegger’s first property investment was a six pack of units, by taking part in bodybuilding competitions and working on building sites he scraped together $US27,000. And the journey started from there.

When I personally met with Arnold he said, “I always promised myself I would not get into a position where I would have to take a job or do a role just because I had to make money to make a living.” These high level of expectations of himself, and those around him was clear, but this wasn’t a persona of arrogance but more of confidence and self belief.

Having reached the pinnacle of multiple industries Arnold is a man that knows how to achieve results, and his property investments are no different, over the years he has purchased and sold residential and commercial property turning tidy profits along the way. 

While in the presence of Arnold he provided six tips to achieving your goals that I want to share with you.  

1. Have a vision

Trust yourself and a vision, set goals and create a road map to achieve them.


2. Don’t listen to the naysayers

Schwarzenegger said there will always be people who don’t believe in your idea, whether in the public arena or your personal life, but you won’t achieve your goal if you always believe your critics.


3. Think big

Set goals that scare you a little and push yourself to achieve them. 


4. Work hard

there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving your goals.


5. Don’t have a Plan B

People who always have a Plan B or backup plan are in some ways becoming their own naysayer.


6. Give something back

Giving something back to the community is important, During his seven years as governor of California, Schwarzenegger did not take a wage, instead choosing to give his salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the state.

Some great lessons to learn from the terminator himself.


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