Legislation Update

19 Dec 2016

Smoke Alarm Legislation Is Changing

Keeping up to date with all the rules, responsibilities and regulations regarding investment properties can be difficult. This is why it is important to have a property manager who keeps you up to date on any changes that may relate to your investment property.

This change is a bit one, you may have missed it but a new legislation regarding smoke alarms throughout Queensland homes will take effect from January 1, 2017.

The a few months ago the Queensland Government announced changes to the legislation regarding smoke alarms. This new legislation affects all homes in Queensland, including any leased homes.

The legislation specifies that all Queensland homes will need to be fitted with a photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarm. These alarms must fitted in all bedrooms and hallways and will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

By having the alarms connected no matter where the fire may start in the house, the alarm closest to you will sound alerting the occupant to danger and potential buying you valuable time in the situation of an emergency.

Any homes leased or sold will need to meet compliance within five (5) years, and any owner occupied homes will need to comply within ten (10) years.

In addition homes that are currently being built or undergoing a large renovation will need to comply with the new legislation upon completion after January 1, 2017. The interpretation of “Large Renovation” is somewhat open to interpretation but our policy is that if your investing into upgrading the property cosmetically then its worth the addition investment into upgrading the smoke alarms to being the property into line sooner rather then later.

Whilst you do have 5 years to comply, being proactive in this matter will ensure your not in a compromising position in the event of an incident. 

Don’t forget the team at Hot Property Management can assist you by arranging an electrician or smoke alarm specialist to visit your property, recommend suitable areas and install the smoke alarms to ensure your property is safe and compliant, our in house handyman can also assist with repairing any patching needed to ceilings as a result of smoke alarm relocation with your dwelling.

So please call Maddyson Solano at Hot Property on (07) 3170 3760 or email madi@hpsba.com.au.

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