Emergency Renovation Consulting

27 Feb 2017

Recently the team at Hot Property needed to coordinate an Emergency Renovation Consulting service for a property located in Stafford Heights, here in Brisbane. The tenant reported that there was a leak starting in the shower and after further investigation it was found that the showers water proofing had failed. Given the property is around 40 odd years old it wasn’t a complete shock, but it was something that needed to be dealt with promptly to prevent disruption to the tenant, but also to limit any collateral damage caused by the leak.

So the trouble shooting began, we looked at different options each varying in cost. The most cost effective solution was a band aid repair of resealing the shower over the tiles. Although this was cost effective, we are still left with a 40 odd year old shower that could have further problems in the future. The next option was to decommission the shower and setup a shower over bath type arrangement with the current bath that was located in the bathroom. But again this was wasting money on an old bathroom and didn’t provide an effective solution.

The third and final solution was a total bathroom renovation, this was clearly the most costly but also the most logical given the fix would be done right the first time and last. But this also means disrupting the tenant. We were fortunate in this situation that the Toilet is separate to the bathroom and that we could set up a temporary shower for interim use while the repairs were being undertaken.

Our client who is a time poor local, appointed our team to undertake our Renovation consulting service to get the job done.

A plan of attack was immediately drafted and the relevant licensed trades people where engaged to get the job done. Our team selected all the fixtures and fittings, aswell as the tiles and layout design.

We knew that in this area future tenants and purchasers would possibly be young families so it was important to have a bath, aswell as a shower. And by keeping each element of the bathroom in a similar position we were able to keep the cost down and still deliver a great end result. 

As you can see from the photos the transformation was amazing, the space feels bigger, and more modern, and has a neutral colour palate to allow changing trends.

The total cost of this bathroom renovation is around $12,000 and we believe that the upswing in value would easily be double that adding around $25-$30,000 worth of potential value to the home.

Another great result for our client and for the Hot Property Team, if your interested in knowing more about our renovation consulting service please call 07) 31703760 or visit out Renovation Consulting page

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