Adele’s Brisbane Concert Chaos

05 Mar 2017

After an amazing concert featuring the one and only Adele, Brisbane concert goers have been deflated by the thought of trying to get out of the Woolloongabba / East Brisbane area.  Although event organizers did everything possible to try and subdue the chaos, people where still left for hours trying to make their way to and from the venue.

This draws a spotlight directly on the local council and state government, and also reinforces comments previously mentioned by Transport Minister Jackie Trad who said,  “The fact is, we would not have this transport situation at the Gabba if cross-river rail was operating now, With cross-river rail you would be able to walk across the road to the new station at Woolloongabba and make your way home quickly, easily and safely. We want more world-class acts to come to the Gabba, but to do that we need a world-class transport system and that means building cross-river rail.”  

I think this shows the need not only for this infrastructure to support world class entertainment, but also a valuable addition to our poorly integrated public transport system which struggles on a daily bases. Commuters are struggling as our already congested roads continue to worsen as a result of poor planning, and road design.

“Our Property Management team face this struggle every day, and prospective tenants have had enough as well, we are seeing the demand for convenient living higher now than ever before due to our worsening road situation” says Maddyson Solano from Hot Property Management who has seen a noticeable increase in congestion on our roads.

Although Brisbane doesn’t have the population of Sydney and Melbourne who, without a doubt have also got their own traffic congestion issues. Brisbane’s growth over the last 10 years has not been adequately supported by public transport and road upgrades in my opinion. Population growth is predicted to be around 1.4 Million in the next 15 years with the large majority looking to reside in South East Queensland and changes need to be made to support this growth.


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