It takes two to tango

26 Jul 2017

The benefits of having both sides of the property transaction represented

Some think a buyers’ agent is all about finding bargain-priced properties, just as some sellers think that selling agents only exist to take their commission and race to the next sale. What I’m about to tell you will turn these theories upside down.

Buyers’ agents do so much more than negotiating the very best price for a property.

In a nutshell we take the time to understand your property goals, and assist in developing a strategy to find and investigate the right property, at the right price, every time!  We negotiate hard, but we don’t offer ridiculous at the expense of losing the property for a client and all the great future potential it could provide.

Sure there are times we come across cases of selling agents who are happy to accept the first offer that gets plonked in front of them, despite the potential of receiving even better offers if he or she had waited just another week or so. In the current sizzling Brisbane market this is happening.

But then that is the difference between a poor agent and a great agent, we come across the selling agents who present a very concise marketing plan to their client and are working tirelessly to get their seller the best deal under the best conditions. This is the selling agent I’d be choosing to sell my property.

I came across a great selling agent recently and was certainly reminded of the benefits of having both parties well represented. We were recently looking at a property in a middle ring suburb of Brisbane, a real estate hotspot at the moment.

In some pockets of this geographical area buyers will find quality, well-marketed properties selling within days of hitting the market.

For property owners in the area it’s a great time to take advantage of the recent media attention and think about selling.

For buyers, Brisbane still offers buying opportunities in a range of segments in the market from your entry-level renovators, to your well-maintained or even fully-renovated properties.

With the help of a buyers’ agent, buyers don’t have to waste time and money on due diligence checks and sifting through the market for the ideal property.

And when it comes to negotiations in this instance you have two professionals involved, taking emotional attachment out of the equation to find a win-win outcome for everyone.

At the end of the day that’s what most parties want, something evenhanded and fair for both parties. But also a low stress and seamless in what is often an emotional and hectic transition. 


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