Brisbanes' Rental Market off to Hot Start!!

29 Jan 2018

Most Astute investors know that the Brisbane rental market has 2 peak periods throughout the year in which to achieve premium rental return, June / July and January.

And this January has been no exception, but what as interesting this holiday season was the increased interest over the Christmas and New Years period. Our team where actively leasing properties over the Christmas / New Year break leasing 5 properties during that time not to mention the 15 properties so far for the month a January with several properties current with applications being processed, so its been a busy time.   
Seasonal peaks within markets can often influence vacancy, and rental return so being mindful of these factors when leasing out a property is important.
One other interesting thing we are seeing within the rental market is a demand for longer leases, a lot of tenants are being displaced from properties due to owners selling, or moving back into them and this is creating irritation amongst prospective tenants. 
We are finding that 2 year leases are not out of the question with some tenants, and for owners this can mean great tenant security and predictable income.
Thanks for Reading and as usual if you have any questions please call or email out team!

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