There will Always Be Another House

19 Feb 2018

Panic when you’re in the process of buying property and you can potentially make the biggest, most expensive mistake of your life.

In a recent Domain article Jenny Brown, spoke to former psychologist Peter Quarry which discussed some interesting buyer behaviour when it comes to property purchasing. which i beleive actually shines a light on the need for third party representation through the buying process.

“At open for inspections you are fantasising your future life in situ. The place is a physical space that you can project into and imagine your life there,” he says.

“Some places don’t feel right. But some do as a house where you can actualise your dreams. ‘This is it! This is the one!’ It’s similar to finding a new partner.”

“That’s why if you miss out at an auction or on buying a specific property you really wanted, you can be so disappointed. You’ve just invested a whole lot in this process”.

In my experience as a buyers agent of around 10 years this roller coaster of emotions can reach boiling point some times resulting in either overpaying for a property or loosing hope in the search and continuing to rent.

But buyers do need to realise there is always another fish in the sea when it comes to buying property, it might not fell like that in the moment when you are in the middle of negotiations, but if you are willing to compromise some aspects of your needs and wants, there will be more then just “the one” 


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