Derelict Property Makes $400K in Capital Gain!

23 Mar 2018


Here is a great article about a recent Brisbane Property that shows PROPERTY WORKS! Even when its uninhabitable. 

Back in the Mid 1980’s the property was purchased for around $63,000, since then it appears that minimal maintenance has been undertaken to the property, yet still the property has recorded a recent sale price of $578,000. That works out to around 7.1% Annual Growth over the term of ownership.

Needless to say that is impressive growth considering the state of the property.

I roughly worked out that the Interest and Principle Home loan repayments over 30 years works out to around $100 per week, yet on average the property was growing at over $350 Per week.

Take a look at my brief video and also here is a Link to Courier Mail article by Sophie Foster



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