Do I need a Buyers Agent?

10 Sep 2018

Why do I need a buyers agent?

A lot of people have purchased their own family home or investment property, which raises the question, “Why do I need a Buyers Agent when I can do it myself?”

The truth is a Buyers agent is a professional purchaser of real estate, they often have years of experience in the buying process, have valuable relationships within the industry and are trained negotiators with the aim to get you… the Buyer, the best possible deal.

The average person will transact 2 or 3 properties within their lifetime, have you ever hear the old saying practice makes perfect? Well its certainly the case with property. 

So why use a Buyers Agent?

  • Buyers Agents often have access to off market properties, in our experience around 30% of the properties we purchase for clients are acquired off market, without hitting the open market. So that means that if your looking on Realestate websites, your only seeing around 70% of the available properties at that time. 
  • Buyers Agents have experience with Auctions and Negotiations, Often Agents undertake years of training and personal development when it comes to bidding at auctions and also private treaty negotiations. Those skills can save you thousands of dollars!
  • Take the emotion away from the transaction, Buying a family home can be an emotional process, so having a third party representing you can shield you from overpaying, or getting carried away with the wrong property. 
  • Local knowledge and expertise, Property is a divers market of different property styles, locations and price points. Having local knowledge of what to buy, and where to buy can save you thousands of dollars. 
  • People are Time-Poor, Sometime the term “Time-poor” is thrown around a little too often but lets be honest, unless you want to lose hours and hours afterwork and weekend time inspecting properties, searching on real estate websites and dealing with real estate agents, a Buyers Agent might be the ideal option. 
  • It’s not always about price, I often find it’s better to secure a property that ticks all the boxes at a fair price than a property that has some major flaws that you pick up cheap. A “cheap property” will often have major flaws such as being located on a busy road, or perhaps event flood affected. It will also be hard to sell. However, good properties can always fetch a premium. Buyer’s agents help you to focus on what really matters.

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