How Much Does a Buyers Agent Cost?

06 Sep 2018

What will a Buyers Agent charge?

When it comes to how much a buyers agent charges there is no industry standard, which means it can vary significantly depending on the level of service, and experience a buyers agent is bringing to the table.

As a general rule of thumb most buyer’s agents when offering a full service package will charge around 2% – 2.5%  of the purchase price some buyer’s agents who will charge a fixed fee or some a percentage.

It can often depend on the City you’re buying in, the price of the property and what level of service your wanting.

In Brisbane Buyers Agents or Buyers Advocates as they can be known will usually have different levels of service ranging from a Full Service which is a fully managed buying process often charging within the previously mentioned range. However on the other end of the spectrum some often have a more affordable service often known as a Evaluate and Purchase service which can be a cheaper option to tap into their industry connections and knowledge perhaps around 1 – 1.5% of the property value.

Or maybe you’ve done all the research and hard work searching, inspecting and your simply wanting an independent third party to validate your opinion or you would like a buyer’s agent to bid on your behalf at auction. Fees for these services can cost just a few hundred dollars.

There really is a service for everyone from first home buyers, investors, and families.


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