Top tips that I’ve learnt from building a new home

29 Oct 2018

As many of you know I’ve recently completed a knockdown new build process of behalf of one of my clients here in Brisbane. One of the greatest things I learnt through this process is the fact that you need to always keep the end in mind when you’re designing the property and what I mean by that is often people don’t think about window furnishings, security screens, insect screens, lighting sensor lights and all of these type of items that are often left to the last minute when the property is finished that then add variation to cost and as we all know when you’re building any variation that increases the cost of construction can be very annoying and also to be honest very disheartening. So here the top tips I’ve learnt and things that I have found that you need to make sure are included when you’re designing and specifying items within your build.


Number one; Security Screens

You may or may not be aware but windows above a certain height in bedrooms and habitable space are required to have stoppers on them to prevent the window opening more than 10 cm this is in an effort to stop the potential risk of young children from climbing/ falling out windows. One way to avoid having to have these stoppers (which heavily restrict the amount of airflow) is to install security screens. Installing the security screens then remove the need for that stopper or restrictor and allows for the full use of the window.


Number two; Window furnishings;

Include in your specification that every window and sliding door has window furnishings. Ensure that as a minimum in the bedrooms they are full block out and in living areas are semi block out (if you needed to save some dollars)

Let’s be honest everyone has window furnishings and the fact that builders don’t include this as standard still blows my mind so I know for anyone looking to do a build make sure you have window furnishings included so when you walk into the property on handover you’re ready to live in it straight away.


Number three; That extra 10%;

When making a judgement call between different levels of fixtures and fittings remember that once the property is finished you always looks different to those sample’s that you’re looking at and also the cheaper alternative might seem like a viable option, however, you may potentially be disappointed that you sacrifice that small 10 or maybe 20% saving on a small item such as the tap, or the lights above the stone bench top. The difference can be very dramatic in the finished product.


Number four; Don’t forget landscaping:

The overall appeal that landscaping can provide to a home can be dramatic so I would definitely suggest allowing a suitable budget for landscaping around the property things like turf, plants, fencing. Also if your investor fully fencing the backyard of the property to make it suitable for pets can mean the difference between securing a tenant and not securing a tenant.


Zoran Solano, Senior Buyers Agent 

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