Property matchmaking – how it’s done

07 Nov 2018

Before we start searching.. we start listening

Many homebuyers must wonder how they can trust a buyers’ agent to find a property that suits their taste and style. But they mustn’t have seen the recent TV series “Buying Blind”, a show that takes the process of searching and purchasing away from the buyer, only revealing the property once it has been purchased.

Although in this show viewers only get a small snapshot of the process, it’s important to emphasise the importance of the initial consultation and strategy formulation, because without setting the property type and location in concrete, buyers can become very confused, frequently changing their minds and ending up with no property at all.

Before discussing taste and style with a homebuyer, I like to identify their  ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. This then becomes the basis of our property strategy and search.

Buyers’ agents will each have their own way to establish a buyer’s taste and style but often looking through listed properties together and highlighting positives and negatives really helps.

Having these goals listed ensures all parties have a clear understanding of the direction they’re heading. This helps avoid homebuyer confusion, which often happens when a buyer jumps online to look at a wide range of property styles in many different locations.

I often see homebuyers jump on real estate websites and save 40 to 60 properties in their ‘favourites list’. This is crazy because by the time the buyer seriously considers the homes and shortlists this overwhelming list down to between 10 and 20, there is a good chance the properties are under contract.

Then what happens is the buyer’s entire weekend – and every other weekend – is taken up with back-to-back inspections. By dinnertime, when the buyer finally has the chance to discuss the properties with their partner, the properties have all blurred into one. Which house had the large main bedroom? Which one had the nice views? This leaves the buyer confused, tired, stressed and prone to making a big mistake on property choice.

Then, back to work Monday, waiting an entire week before having the chance to do it all over again and let alone, secure a property. Time to seek some some buying help?


Zoran Solano – Senior Buyers Agent @ Hot Property Buyer Agency

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