Where Brisbane’s greatest buys are right now!!

12 Nov 2018

“I am waiting to buy once the election is over…” I think everyone heard someone say this pre-election – ranging from the small business owner, to Uber drivers.

While people sit on the fence waiting to see what happens in the next federal election, there are some great buys getting around in Brisbane… you just have to take action.

There are opportunities in all price brackets, at the moment we’re seeing most of the activity from buyers around the $500k to $700k price range in gentrifying areas in that 8 – 13km radius from the CBD. Avoiding flood affected properties, Main Roads and Train Lines.

These properties often provide reasonable yields for investors, or quality lifestyle benefits for home buyers. And sitting on good block sizes, they’re also the ones exposed to strong interest from those in the know about property. 

But it’s important to get in quick because if Brisbane follows the trend of Sydney and Melbourne, this price point and proximity to CBD will not exists. 

Speed is key right now – if you are able to act quickly on an opportunity then you can beat the crowd and pick up some really good properties.

While time is decreasingly on the buyer’s side it’s important not to just jump into anything, because this is when costly mistakes can be made. It’s a good time to be armed with your team of professionals – including your buyers’ agent – and have finance pre-approval in place.

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