Hidden Traps for Interstate Buyers

30 Jan 2019

Your Money Auction Day



Our very own Zoran Solano featuring on Your Moneys Auction Day Show.

On the show we discuss some of the challenges that interstate buyers are facing when looking to purchase here in the Queensland property market.

Mistakes to avoid with Holiday buying here in the Queensland property market such as;

  • Looks can be Deceiving don’t buy online
  • Don’t Purchase “Sight Unseen”
  • Termites in Tropical Climates 
  • Cyclone/Flood Risks
  • “Queenslanders” Require Upkeep.

but also looking at reasons to buy in Queensland Including;

  • Good Growth Opportunities 
  • Strong Rental Yields
  • Land Tax Threshold
  • Future Retirement & Relocation Planning
  • Growing Population


Also we look at two great properties that have recently been secured by our team on behalf of clients. 

Follow the above link to find out more, or give our team a call to get your property search underway. 

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