How make $100,000 P/A from property

02 Feb 2019

In 2013 one of our clients identified the opportunity to purchase this amazing renovator, This success story all started with Zoran Solano bidding at auction on our clients behalf, via our auction representation service and securing the property for an amazing price.

The original intention with this property purchase for our clients was to undertake a comprehensive renovation transforming the property into their dream family home. But after a few years, life got in the way. The kids got older and moved out of home, and the need for a large family home just wasn’t there any more.

So the clients decided to sell in order to down size.

After using the services of Hot Property Buyers Agency to assist in purchasing the property at auction. It was a natural progression for our client to come back to our team and for us to assist with our vendor advocacy service. Vendor Advocacy is where we assist in managing the selling process on behalf of the owner by shortlisting, appointing and managing the local agent as well as assisting with getting the property market ready.

This particular property was unique sitting on over 1000 m² of prime residential real estate in one of Brisbane’s most blue-chip suburbs we always knew this was going to be a desirable property. 

After selling the property Off Market in a matter of days, and achieving a premium price just shy of $2 million. We realised that in the six years of ownership our client had made a staggering $100,000 per year in capital growth not to mention, the rental return that was achieved during this time as this property was an investment, which equaled around $27,000 P/A.

Thats a healthy 6.3% annual Growth Rate.

Now this client is able to move on with their plans to down size and settle into the next chapter of their lives.

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