Brisbane Cross River Rail in Development

31 Dec 2019

The Cross River Rail is finally underway!

Construction is underway on a 10.2km rail line that will run from Dutton Park on Brisbane’s southside to Bowen Hills in the north. This includes 5.9km of twin underground tunnels that will travel under the Brisbane River and CBD.

The benefit of this infrastructure is not just the four new train stations (Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street) but the fact that it will also unlock a major bottleneck currently restricting the flow of trains within the South East Queensland rail network.

The end goal will be a turn-up-and-go style transport system for the whole of south east Queensland. The benefit for those living in South East Queensland will be a better connected transport network which will help people move more freely.

Property wise, this will unlock the potential growth of suburbs that haven’t benefited from rail infrastructure in the past, such as Woolloongabba. Realistically, this project will enhance the livability and demand on all suburbs with train stations as rail travel in the Brisbane region continues to improve. 

Currently, more buses transport people on a daily bases than trains in the Brisbane region. This is something very foreign to people from other major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. As we see our train network mature, we will see capital growth follow in suburbs that to date have taken for granted their local train station.

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