Your Guide to Buying a Queenslander

23 Jan 2020

A Queenslander is one of the most iconic architectural styles and continues to capture many Aussie hearts, including ours.

So if you’re looking to buy one, you’re in luck. Our Queensland property expert, senior buyer’s agent Zoran Solano, is on hand to tell us what to look for when searching for the perfect Queenslander home.

What are some of the positive features of a Queenslander? Why is it one of the most sought after homes in Australia?

  1. History
    These old homes often have a story to go with them which some families love being a part of.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing
    Queenslander style homes can be very beautiful with classic features.
  3. Matches the Character Profile of the Area
    Some locations are dominated by character homes and to purchase something other than a Queenslander can be detrimental to the growth of the property. 
  4. Easy to Add Value
    Timber homes are often easier than brick houses to extend or modify. 
  5. Timeless
    Unlike other eras, the appearance of a Queenslander is pretty timeless. 


What are the things to look out for especially when buying older Queenslanders?

  1. Required Maintenance 
    External paint condition, roof and guttering can all deteriorate in old Queenslanders and buyers need to be cautious of this when buying and factor it into their budget.
  2. Structural Defects
    Cracked stumps can be the most common structural defect in these older homes.
  3. Bedrooms that are Not Really Bedrooms
    Sometimes old Queenslanders have built in balconies with low ceiling heights, which means they are technically not habitable spaces, or bedrooms with no windows which also breach building code.
  4. Termite Protection
    Termites can be a big issue with timber Queenslanders so that’s something to look for, especially if it’s high set with built in rooms underneath.
  5. Poor Quality Renovation
    As always, you don’t want to open a can of worms and purchase a Queenslander that will end up costing you thousands if it has been renovated poorly!

A Queenslander can be a fantastic purchase, if you pay careful attention to its condition and features. If you need help, talk to our Brisbane Buyers Agents, we are well experienced with the search and purchase of these beautiful properties.

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