How to Find Property in a Low Stock Environment

11 Feb 2020

Are you looking on real estate websites thinking there isn’t much out there? You’re not alone.

Currently we are seeing around 25% less properties on the market than usual. This makes it difficult for home buyers and investors to find good property as there is simply less to choose from.

This can mean it takes a long time looking for property, spending all your time on websites and inspections and never finding the right fit. You may also miss out on property as there is a lot of competition for the few properties that are online. There is also the potential for you to overpay for a property due to frustration.

Some solutions?

  1. Befriend the agents and email them weekly for updates of upcoming properties. Buyers agents, like us at Hot Property, email our agent database regularly for new listings to review.

  2. Attend inspections. Getting out and about and showing your face to all the local agents consistently will mean they will remember you, which is important considering the amount of buyers they meet on a weekly basis.

  3. Letterbox drop and directly approach. Around 35% of Hot Property Buyers Agency’s purchases in 2019 were off-market, so don’t be afraid to knock on that door and ask the question!

It can be hard finding your dream home or an investment when there isn’t a lot on the market. We have the experience and connections to help you.

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