Renovation Consulting - Vermont st Aspley

30 Mar 2020

Here are a few before and afters of a recent renovation consulting service we completed for one of our interstate clients.

the strategy here was to not only attend to the cosmetic work needed to increase the rental yield but also attend to the preventative maintenance to ensure the property was well maintained for years to come.

Scope included:

  • Kitchen Replacement and opening of a wall between kitchen and living area
  • Full bathroom replacement 
  • WC replacement
  • Water inlet feed upgrade
  • Internal lighting upgrade 
  • Internal Paint and External Timber oil
  • Yard Landscaping and turfing.
  • Laundry update
  • Routine repairs

Total Investment ~$73,000

Upswing in Value ~$100,000

Upswing in Rental Return ~ $80 – $100 Per week

Leased with one week once it was available!

Not only now is the property lower maintenance for the owner, but the tenant as well, and offers great tax depreciation and upswing in Value and Rental Return.

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