Emergency Repair

07 Apr 2020

Picture this, its 7am Sunday morning, you are asleep in bed when you hear a loud noise from the kitchen. You run out to find the ceiling has collapsed and your kitchen and dining area is full of insulation and ceiling sheets. 

Recently this is the scene that one of the Hot Property Management Tenants was faced with, the tenants promptly reported this to the property management after hours number and within 90 minutes the in house handyman from Hot Property Buyers Agency was onsite to make-safe the kitchen, to ensure the safety of the tenant.

After filling up approximately 4 garbage bags with insulation and collecting all the ceiling sheeting, a full clean began of the area, if you have ever cleaned up cool and cosy insulation you will know its not an easy process.

After several hours the team had cleaned up and made safe the area by installing a temporary ceiling to prevent additional dust and debris from entering the living space.

The owner was updated with photos of the progress and an insurance claim was lodged with the owners insurance company, and this was all handled by the professional team at Hot Property Management. Overall the owner and the tenant where thrilled with the prompt action and make safe undertaken by the team, which minimised the disruption to the tenant and turn what would have been a stressful time for most landlords an simple process that proves having the right property management team is critical to owning an investment property. 

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