Renovation Tip - 6 cheap ways to make your bathroom look like new!

01 Jul 2020


Using a hose as a shower head isn’t really an award winning design. While I am not that cheap when it comes to renovations, there are ways for you to save thousands of dollars and avoid the need to replace a bathroom altogether.

Bathrooms can be one of the most expensive rooms in your house to renovate, but equally they can be very important to get right in order to increase the value or sale price! 

Here are my top 6 tips to renovate your bathroom on a budget!

  1. Clean! – I know it sounds simple but giving your bathroom a deep clean before doing anything else could be the single most important thing you do. I am talking hands and knees scrubbing grout and silicone, around taps and shower screens.
  2. Refresh Grout and Silicone – Sometimes a clean isn’t enough, mold can stain grout and silicone to the point replacement is needed, it’s not a massive job, but the before and after can be dramatic. There is nothing worse than seeing discoloured grout and silicone.
  3. Update Accessories – Towel Rails & Door Handles all can show the age of a property and these can be updated with the help of a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time.
  4. Shower Screen Replacement – Like Accessories shower screens can show the age in your bathroom reflecting past trends in design, for a couple of hundred dollars you can have a frameless or semi frameless screen installed to replace your current dated shower screen.
  5. Lighting and Ventilation – If you are marketing towards a demographic that will be putting on makeup in front of a mirror lighting is your best friend install some lighting over the top of the vanity unit/ mirror to not only provide light where it’s needed, but reflect it off the mirror to amplify the light in the room.
  6. Tap Ware – Updating taps and shower heads can give you a more modern look and better user experience.

Depending on your budget the sky’s the limit when it comes to bathroom renovations, you can stick to the easy to do cosmetic works, or strip the room back to the timber frame of the house and start again. Either strategy has their positive and negatives and your budget, property style and intended use with the property will all affect the direction you go.

I hope this helps with your next renovation! 

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