Our Spring Property Management Offer

08 Sep 2020


Spring clean your property portfolio! Find a fresh approach with Hot Property Buyers Agency.

A good property manager to support your investments is crucial, which is why we have a special offer for spring only:

Sign up for property management with us this spring and get 6 Months 0% Introductory Management Rate! 

We want to help property owners during this time by giving you a break from paying property management fees, so you can focus on your property’s success. 

Hot Property Buyers Agency is a family owned and operated boutique firm with a focus on personalised, friendly service and a proactive approach. We use industry leading processes and always ensure we’re up to date with legislative change. Through Hot Property Management, we offer everything from the purchase and management of your property to development and selling, creating an end-to-end service for our clients. Our team is on your side!

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Terms & Conditions
The landlord agrees that the Management Fee will be 0% for a 6 month (180 Days) period from either the take over of management from another agency or from the commencement of advertising the property for lease with Hot Property Management. Once the 6 month (180 Days) period has lapsed, the Management Fee will revert to the standard 8.8%. If the landlord Terminates the management with Hot Property Management or Sells the property within a 1 year (12 month) period from the commencement of the management, the landlord will be liable for the full payment of the 6 month (180 Days) 0% Management Fee at the rate of 8.8%. Properties must be within 15km Direct line radius from Hot Property Management Office in Hendra.

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