Storm Season Is Upon Us

09 Nov 2020

Brisbane has already experienced some severe weather events and “Storm Season” technically hasn’t started yet. As we all know, a beautiful Queensland summers day can change in an instant bringing with it some serious weather.

Here are some handy tips to ensure your property is storm ready.

1. Clean your roof and gutters & conduct a roof inspection- This includes cleaning the valleys or the roof and downpipes to assist with preventing back flow from your gutters into your eaves and having your roof inspected by a qualified roofer to ensure there is no visual maintenance needed.

2. Trim any overhanging trees – Any trees that cause a fair amount of leaf litter/ debris should be trimmed (especially if your gutters have just been cleaned) to ensure they are not causing any blockages to drains, gutters, downpipes etc, this will also help with any branches that may fall and hit your property should there be strong winds. This also includes contacting Energex to trim any trees growing through powerlines.

3. Clean all drains/ pits – If there are spoon drains and or pits around your property, ensure they are clear of all debris to ensure there is easy enough for the water to drain away from the property (depending on the severity of the rain, drains may still back up if too much water enters them in a short period of time)

4. Be Prepared – Secure any outdoor furniture/ loose items that could cause damage, have an emergency kit & plan that includes items such as a torch, batteries, clean drinking water & portable power bank to charge phones, have sandbags ready should water start to rise or enter your property and raise any personal belongings in low lying areas high enough to prevent them get wet.

If your property is managed by Hot Property Management and you would like to undertake any of this preventative maintenance, be sure to let the team know and we can get the ball rolling.

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