2021 Property Market Warning For Investors!

11 Mar 2021


Zoran Solano recently reviewed some interesting population data and identified some troubling findings for some investors out there!

The Australian total population predicted to flat line as we see virtually no immigration from overseas and interstate migration only just starting to recover some pockets of South East Queensland residential property might struggle for investors in the mid to late part of 2021.

SQM Research Boom and Bust Report 2021 Says 

“In 2019, some 240,000 people migrated to Australia. That equated to new demand for about 92,000 dwellings.

In 2020, net migration will be lucky to have been 15,000 people. Total population growth is now expected to rise just 0.2% for FY21 and 0.4% for FY 22. These are the lowest numbers expected since World War Two. The primary issue is the collapse in net migration plus a drop in the birth rate, which is attributed to the recession.

Indeed, the Government is forecasting negative net migration for the next two years. They actually expect more people to leave this country than enter it.” to purchase a copy of this report go to SQM Research

Zoran Solano Explains in this brief video. For more information about Zoran and how he can help you, click here.

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