50+ And Planning For Retirement

14 Mar 2021

Over 50 and keen to see how your retirement will look?

Speaking with a financial planner is critical during this time.

Understanding what government rules are around superannuation planning and Centrelink pensions can greatly increase your retirement savings.

If you are not receiving advice about your coming retirement, then you are missing out on potential strategies to make you more money. Put a plan in place today.


  • What age you are planning to retire?
  • Are you invested in the right superannuation fund?
  • How can salary sacrificing help you?
  • Are you interested in a Self Managed Superfund?


  • What activities in your retirement years do you want to pursue (e.g. travel, hobbies) and how much will these cost?
  • Will you have any large expenses in retirement (e.g. holidays, new car, home)?
  • Can you gain access to the Government Aged Pension?
  • Do you want to consider working in some capacity (casual or part time)?
  • Do you want to leave some money to loved ones? What tax will apply?
  • Are you concerned about the financial impact of major illnesses?

Please note these are just ideas and is not financial advice, please seek specific guidance from a licensed financial planner like our friends over at Astute Brisbane Central

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