Booker Street, Keperra - Case Study

02 Jul 2021


We first purchased this property as a 3 bed 1 bathroom home for a high $400,000, going back about five or six years ago now and since that time renovator properties have dramatically increased in price and even in the last six months. We’ve seen significant growth in this marketplace in fact the median house price of Keperra which is sitting around $610,000 really is outdated today and doesn’t actually reflect the realistic price point you need to get into this area in fact in the last few weeks in Booker Street we saw a property two bedroom one bathroom on 600 square meters sell for $770,000 so relative to the original purchase price at high $400,000 this property has gone up easily $200,000 – $250,000.

We’ve also done a pretty extensive renovation as you can see we’ve removed the wall here in the living area open planning the lounge and dining space there used to be an L-shaped wall through here which blocked the kitchen, we’ve removed that, we’ve re-sheeted the ceiling throughout and added beautiful square set cornicing through the kitchen, we’ve also done a really amazing 2 pac kitchen, stone is a beautiful granite stone supplied by All Stone at Hendra, we’ve got some gas appliances here as well heaps of natural light coming in through large windows, sliding doors to the outdoor entertaining area and just acres and acres of storage and it’s well planned storage as well drawers.

Going through to the master bedroom extension and wing of the house this is actually one of the key reasons why I purchased this property for the client. When I first inspected this property I noticed that there was this big area here that you couldn’t access and when going outside there was actually a laundry that was accessible from the external yet when you looked in you actually could see the ceiling height was really high so what we discovered we can simply add a sub floor through here an external wall and a door into the hallway and all of a sudden we’ve got an ensuite to the master bedroom, so we put a shower, toilet, vanity. We’ve got a walk-in robe which was again custom designed for the clients required criteria they wanted it to actually feel like they were walking into a bit of a boutique shop so they so we installed all of this here we’ve got some led strip lighting, so that all makes a massive difference to the appeal of the property. While the master bedroom isn’t a massive room you’ve got to remember that we’ve actually made a walk-in robe and ensuite and this room really is just for a bed and maybe some bedside tables, we’ve got split system air conditioning throughout the property we’ve got fans down lights and you know it’s really been done quite to a high standard.

One of the things we also did with this house is we renovated the original bathroom so this is the exact same location as the original bathroom just reconfigured a little bit differently so we’ve got a shower over bath to accommodate for families who are a key demographic in this area we’ve also got a niche in there for some storage natural light through a custom window at the top that we added as well we’ve got a nice vanity heaps of storage

We’ve got built-in robes throughout with great internal storage, these are the things that we love to do with high detail, you know putting robe doors in is great but making sure that the internals have functional storage in there as well but again we don’t go completely over the top, the 2nd bedroom had a box rattler ac system which actually works completely fine so we elected to leave that in there but in the future we can patch that up when it dies, put a sexy split system in and all of a sudden it then matches with the rest of the house.

It’s all about strategic renovations when you’re doing a renovation like this making sure you don’t over capitalise but you don’t under capitalise. 

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