Things You Should Take To An Inspection

23 Jul 2021

Your first impression at an inspection matters!

At Hot Property, we have seen thousands of prospective buyers/tenants come through properties for inspection and have seen red flags that we want to warn you against. If you have an inspection coming up, we recommend the following advice:

  • In the car you will need water and snacks! Remember not to drink too much water as using toilets while attending inspections can be frowned upon by other buyers and agents!

  • Your phone needs to be fully charged. Your calendar should be pre-scheduled with the inspections, allowing travel time between each destination and time at each house to ensure you can have a good look around.  

  • Take photos while you are inspecting the house. This will give you something to reflect upon as you travel to the next destination. Photos can then be referenced later in the purchase if you’re successful in your offer, such as when you undertake a pre-settlement inspection. 

  • Tape measure and torch are also other things to take if you’re serious about the property! Do not be afraid to get in under the house with that torch and have a look at it for yourself!

If you have any further questions about inspections, have a quick chat to our friendly team today on 07 3170 3760.

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