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The Brisbane property market has seen exciting growth over the last few years. Savvy investors from around the world have been utilising Brisbane investment property buyers’ agents during this time, helping them identify potential properties and obtain them at a lower market rate. There are new and affordable properties in great Brisbane locations coming onto the market all the time.

Hot Property Brisbane Buyer’s Agents can help you, no matter what type of investor you are. You may have property in other states, are looking to diversify, or thinking about purchasing your first investment property in Brisbane.

No matter what your brief we will find the right property for you. As one of the most experienced and respected Brisbane buyers’ agents, we have purchased properties for hundreds and hundreds of clients, so we have excellent background knowledge on property investment opportunities in Brisbane.

We offer a bespoke service which reviews your current investments and provides a recommendation on what type of Brisbane investment property would best suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The search time changes constantly, it depends on various factors such as, our clients property goals, and market conditions. We have previously identified the ideal in the first week of searching, and other searches can take a couple of months.
Depending on your individual property goals as either can be a solid investment opportunity, there are a number of investment strategies we can suggest after our initial consultation. Things like budget, appetite for renovation, predicted holding time frame, all need to be assessed when looking at Houses Vs Units.
Utilising the services that buyers agents offer is becoming more popular across Australia, as buyers recognize the benefits of having their own advocate and what it brings to the entire purchasing process. Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who specialize in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers. They do not sell real estate. They are engaged independently and paid for by the buyer to act on their behalf. The key difference between a selling agent and buyer’s agent is who they represent as, by law, an agent cannot act for and accept a commission from both parties in the same transaction. Buyer’s agents offer a number of different service options, ranging from complete searches through to auction bidding and single property reports. Their aim is to ensure that the purchaser is as fully informed as possible and doesn’t overpay for the property. Having an experienced advocate on side who is familiar with suburb values and the purchasing process also assists in maintaining objectivity when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome.
Choose your buyer’s agent carefully. Selecting the right agent is likely to result in you making the right purchase at the right price, saving you both time and money. The results achieved by a buyer’s agent will benefit you in the long-term and should amount to substantially more than the fee. The choice of agent also comes down to who you feel most comfortable with, as a good relationship is also important in achieving a satisfactory outcome. When choosing a buyer’s agent ask the following: - How experienced is the buyers’ agent? - Do they have a solid local knowledge of the area they’ll be searching in for you? - What qualifications do they have? - What are their most recent purchases? - Can they provide recent client testimonials/references? - Do they own property themselves? - Do they have the contacts to find you the property that best suits your criteria? - Are they REBAA accredited?
Hot Property can assist First Time Investors get a foot hold into the property market, Seasoned Investors expand there portfolio and improve its performance, and Developers purchase there next development opportunity. we can assist anyone looking to by whether your Local, Interstate, Aussie Expats or Overseas Investor (FIRB) we have a service to assist.

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