Portfolio Review

A health check for your property investments


We all need a check-up and your property portfolio is no different. Once you purchase and lease a property it can be a little out of sight out of mind. You expect it to keep growing in value and rental yield – right?

This is ideally how your properties should be performing but to do this they need regular care and attention.

It is our aim to assist clients through the entire investment cycle from formulating a strategy, locating and purchasing the property, added value potential, leasing and ongoing portfolio management.

This Portfolio Review and Health Check is ideal for investors who want to take a proactive approach to their portfolio.

This is a desk based review where we look at your current portfolio and assess what opportunities are available to you. We assess against seven (7) key factors:

  • Current properties
  • Current market appraisal
  • Current rental
  • Property condition
  • Opportunities for value adding
  • Rental improvement opportunities
  • Growth outlook

We then present you with a recommended action plan. To get the best out of your property it could actually mean not buying another property but adding value to ones in your portfolio. It could also be divesting underperforming properties and reinvesting.

This service is purely independent. The aim is to provide information about your current portfolio position so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

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