Type of Property: House

Reason of Purchase: Primary Residence

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When an Aussie Expat family started to think about their transition back to Australia in the coming years, one of the most difficult factors was going to be securing a family home while still living and working in Singapore.

This time poor family contacted our team to get the ball rolling and after an initial consultation the search was on. 

Our team took a top down approach to the process, firstly starting with the clients needs and wants within their future family home. After that, location was the next challenge, we needed to find a geographical location that fit within their intended Brisbane lifestyle.

The process of working with the client to establish their needs and wants and geographical location was highly important not only for our team to assist in the searching, and short listing of properties. But also for the client, as this home would be a family residence for years to come.

A few weeks into the search the perfect property was identified in Brisbane’s Blue chip suburb of Ascot, well positioned just a few hundred meters from racecourse road, the property contained all the needs and wants of the buyer, but also exceeded their expectations with the potential the property also offered.

The property was secured for under the sellers asking price, saving the buyer tens of thousands of dollars and potentially more important than the cost saving, was the time saving. our research suggests that it can take up to 300 hours to search for and purchase property, and when your overseas it makes the prospect of DIY buying so much harder.