Off Market Carina Purchase

Type of Property: House

Reason of Purchase: Primary Residence

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One of the big value propositions of using a Brisbane Buyers Agent is the off market connections and network of people where relationships have been with over the years, and it is via those relationships that off market opportunities are born.

This Carina property was about to be listed on the market, when Zoran Solano got the heads up from an industry contact which enabled us to negotiate directly with the property owner and secure the property off market.

For the buyer it meant securing the property outside of a competitive offer environment for a great price, for the seller a net price that reflected value for them without the need to pay agent fee’s marketing and disturbing the tenants.

The strategy with this property purchase is to maintain the current tenant for a the medium term and then look to knock down and build their dream family home when they look to relocate from interstate to be closer to family here in Brisbane.


Fast Facts:

Price: $950,000

Rental: $420 Per week

Block Size: 607m2 with large frontage

Proximity to CBD: 7km direct line to the CBD