Worth the wait!

Type of Property: Knockdown/Land

Reason of Purchase: Investment

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When this time poor client attended a joint Hot Property Buyers Agency and Your Empire event and met Zoran Solano, they knew they needed to get Brisbane property buyers’ agent on the hunt for their next investment property.

These clients will be the first to admit they where picky when it came to finding the right property. But after an 8 month search, we were able to secure this splitter block. 

Our criteria where in short;

  1. Subdivision opportunity
  2. Sub $700,000 Price Point
  3. Flat Site
  4. No Busy Roads or Flooding
  5. within 13km of the Brisbane CBD

Sounds easy, but in a market that has seen a up to 25% reduction in listings this year, this means more competition for a smaller amount of properties. 

After an exhaustive on and off market search, we where able to successfully secure this property in a multiple offer situation, and even better we were lower priced then the highest offer. So why did the sellers accept the offer? It’s simple, we had cleaner terms, and my buyers had a buyers agent helping them. This often means a stronger contract success rate, which is ideal for a seller and great for the buyer.


Fast Facts

Price: $616,000

Rental: $350 – $370 AS IS condition

Block Size: 911m2

Proximity to CBD: 11.5km direct line

Notes: Gentle slope to the street ideal for building with a post war dwelling that can be removed from site.


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