Type of Property: Apartment

Reason of Purchase: Investment

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As Brisbane’s development sector has become more and more competitive as developers and investors continue to look for a competitive edge in the market to lower risk, increase returns, and leverage their own time effectively.

In 2014, Zoran Solano our senior buyers agent was approached by a client looking to undertaken their first ever development, with limited market knowledge the client was eager to learn and eager to build the right team of professionals around them for long term success in property development.

After an initial consultation with the Hot Property Team the client was keen to proceed, and the journey began. Starting with building the team, Zoran knew that he needed to introduce this client to the right team of third party consultants that held the same core business values as himself. This is where he met with various Town Planners, Project Managers, and other consultants, short listing to what he calls the “Dream team”. A group of development consultants that he personally uses for projects and also introduces to clients.

As the search progressed we found site after site that had the potential, but also had various hurdles aswell, after a few months of searching, inspecting, and evaluating hundreds of sites the perfect one was secured off market.

It was a MR Zoned property in Sherwood, walking distance to local shops, train station and amenities, suitable for 24 units over 5 Levels.

From purchase, to negotiations, due diligence, and contract formation our team assisted throughout the whole way, teaming up with Bespoke Development Management who took our client under their wing to assist with the project management.

Every step of the way from development approval, through to design and construction, guidance was given to our client by our preferred team of development consultants.

Our team even offered guidance to the right method of sale and assisted in appointing and managing the sales and marketing of the project.

Another successful project. For more information call or email our team today.