Looking to sell a property? We’re not just a property buyers’ agent.


Hot Property Brisbane Buyers Agents have the skills and expertise not only help you buy a property but to help you sell a property as well.

Let’s face it: when selling a property, you want to receive the best possible price with the least amount of hassle.

With our Brisbane Vendors Advocacy service, we are here to represent your best interests when selling your property. It is our job to manage the selling process for you. This means we will help you: 

  • Find the right agent
  • Advise on the most appropriate method of sale
  • Come up with the most cost effective advertising campaign
  • Consider offers and provide an independent recommendation
  • Guide you through the negotiation process
  • Follow the sale through until settlement.

This service can save you both money and stress related to selling a property. Our service does not cost you anything over and above the selling commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sellers or Vendors Advocacy has been around for decades. However in Australia the concept is just catching on and it’s growing quickly because it offers real benefits, sometimes huge benefits. Simply put, it's an independent representative to assist in the sale process to ensure your best interest are kept in mind at all times.
The difference is simple. A Vendors Advocate (that’s us) is a property expert that works in an advisory capacity essentially managing the selling process for you. A Selling Agent, administers the sale process, by listing properties for sale, conducting open homes ect.
Not only are we well connected, we do this every day. We understand the market and are ideally positioned to ensure that you receive accurate, up to date and reliable advice. We deal with a large number of selling agents on a daily basis so we know which agents are diligent, successful and professional, and which ones are not. We know some agents will say whatever they have to, to get a listing or to make a sale and we know who the good agents are that are getting the best results the market can offer. Agent selection is crucial and our expertise can help you make the right choices. When it comes down to it who wouldn’t want to stretch their dollar further and get two property professionals for the price of one?
Our independence and experience separate us from the crowd when considering someone to assist with Vendor Advocacy, as active members of the REIQ and REBAA you can be assured that we will uphold a high level of professionalism and standard of service.
We know the importance of understanding our market inside out and managing good relationships with local agents which is why our services are generally focused on the Brisbane Area. We can recommend trusted Property Advisors through our affiliations should you wish to transact in other areas.

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