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Whether you’re a home buyer, residential investor or a property developer, our all-encompassing buyers agent service will take the stress out of searching – and give you your life back!

With expert guidance through the whole process, our team assists through every step of the property buying process to ensure you purchase your ideal home or the right investment property.

This is our most commonly used property buyers agent service with clients getting the full benefit of our Unbiased, Independent, Professional Expertise when buying their Brisbane property.

The Process

  • 1

    Consulation & Engagement

    We offer a complimentary meet and greet with the HPBA team. This can be done face to face; skype or over the phone.

    This is where we get to know a little more about you and you about us.

    We can then start the process of finding you a property.

    Once you’re comfortable to proceed we have a one-off engagement fee to begin the journey and engage our services.

  • 2

    Your Goals

    This step is all about you and discovering your property goals – are you a home buyer or an investor wanting to grow an investment portfolio?

    During this time, we help you develop what your property strategy is. You may be new to the property market, a seasoned investor or looking to purchase a new family home.

  • 3

    Your Team

    Do you have an established team of finance, conveyancing, accounting and town planning professionals to assist you? If so, we can make contact at this stage to discuss all things property. If not, we can introduce you to a number of our partners to help you along this journey.

  • 4

    The Search Begins

    There is one word to describe our property search – THOROUGH!

    Our team leaves no stone unturned in the search for your ideal property.

    The HPBA team uses a layered approach to our searching methodology;

    Layer One: On Market, monitoring real estate listing websites for properties that match your criteria and investigating. 

    Layer Two: Off Market, leveraging our relationships with real estate agents we can often uncover off market opportunities not seen my the general market. These Silent or Pocket Listings as they are often known as can be a valuable way to purchase property.

    Layer Three; Direct Approach, this is the layer sets our team apart from the others, letter box dropping, door knocking and using our extensive database we actively hunt for the ideal property that meets your needs.

    Throughout this searching process we aim to filter out properties that don’t match your criteria and shortlist the ones that do, keeping you in the loop throughout the process with regular communication. 

    Remember – we are looking for the right property, not just any property.

  • 5

    Shortlist & Recommendation

    We develop and present a shortlist of properties that we believe meets your needs.

    To ensure you are fully armed with information we provide the following for any properties we recommend:

    • Market appraisal report giving you an accurate guide to price point
    • Suburb/surrounding area details plus demographic information
    • Photographs – lots of photographs and if possible, videos on the internals/externals of the property; street and surrounding properties
    • Details of any public information regarding Council changes to roads or infrastructure
    • Easements, flood history or underground services that may impact the property
    • General maintenance and building and pest items we notice
    • For investors we then provide information on ways to add value or increase rental yield. Our property renovation service can help provide more detail of ways to value add. We will also provide a rent appraisal for the property.

  • 6

    Negotiation time

    We will act on your behalf to negotiate the purchase of your property.

    It is our aim to ensure you never pay too much, no matter what the market conditions.

    Our team is trained in the art of negotiating ensuring we secure the most competitive price and most favourable terms.

    Of course we ensure that no negotiation is taken place without your written authority.

  • 7

    Contract Period

    We don’t clock off once you have purchased the property, but are on hand to guide you through the contract process. We keep you and all key parties informed of all key dates.

    At an additional cost, we can also arrange and attend the pre-purchase inspection for you:

    • Building and Pest Inspection
    • Additional required inspections e.g. electrical, pool barrier, internal pool or any other inspections

    From these reports we then highlight any issues of concern. We will then attempt to have the seller rectify or renegotiate a financial adjustment in your favour.

  • 8

    Unconditional Contract

    The contract becomes unconditional when and if all conditions are met and satisfied.

    During this time, we continue to liaise with all relevant parties to ensure the settlement process is smooth and stress-free.

    We will attend the pre-settlement inspection on your behalf and present these findings to yourself and your Solicitor.

    Our Success Fee is now payable.

    If you are an investor, then we will introduce you to our Property Management team. Our team at Hot Property Management  would have done all the necessary ground work to ensure the property will be tenanted as soon as possible.

  • 9


    Congratulations on the purchase of your new family home or investment property.

    We can now arrange the collection and delivery of the keys for your new property.

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